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ArtPaint AP32 Levels Pressure Passive Stylus Pen

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Brand Name: GAOMON
Pressure Levels: 8192
Type: Pen
Package: Yes
Model Number: AP32
Type: Digital Tablets
Interface Type: USB
Material: Plastic
Colour: Black
Type: Battery-Free
For Graphics Tablet S620


Humanized design

The silicone covers the hand-holding part of the pen, which can get your hands no pain and no discomfort after prolonged creation.


What is in the box?

1 x ArtPaint AP32 Pen

8 x Replacement Pen Nibs

1 x Pen Clip




NOT WORK with other GAOMON tablet models and other brands tablets.

NOT WORK with the computer, pad, phone, etc

AP32-S620笔画板 2

BATTERY-FREE STYLUS---improves ergonomics and reliability: Charging unnecessary. Without a battery, the stylus is lighter in weight and minimizes your grip effort, reduces stress to your hand and wrist, provides a more comfortable and natural feel to the hand, and highlights your honorable environmental awareness. 

AP32-S620笔画板 3

8192 LEVELS OF PEN PRESSURE SENSITIVITY ---provides more accurate and responsive pen-cursor movement, makes your drawing line smooth and natural.

AP32-S620笔画板 4

PROGRAMMABLE BUTTON--- There are two customize express keys on the pen. They can make your work flow quicker and largely enhance work efficiency. ·The pen tip and pen buttons can work together to realize certain functions.

AP32-S620笔画板 6

PEN NIB & CLIP -- There are 8 Replacement nibs and a pen nib clip come with the pen for replacement. You can easily replace the pen nibs when they are worn out.

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