The Privacy Act

Your rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) provides you with rights regarding how your data or personal information is treated. Under the legislation, California residents can choose to opt out of the “sale” of their personal information to third parties. Based on the CCPA definition, “sale” refers to data collection for the purpose of creating advertising and other communications. Learn more about CCPA and your privacy rights.

How to opt out



1. Introduction to Nesava online’s Privacy Policy

By signing into the Nesava Store (thereby will also be referred as the “Website”), it will be presumed that you have given your express consent to accept the conditions of data storage that listed below:

2. The procedure of Obtainment and Storage of Your Data

In accordance with the Privacy Act (law no. 6698), Nesava Store is the data supervisor for the personal data you have shared through registration forms, surveys, bulletins, user logs, cookies and so forth to use the Website and connect to the website.

In this context, Nesava Store will save, categorize, update and process your personal data to make the services accessible. Nesava Store also has the authority to share the personal data with the third parties if the express consent is given and to the extent provided by law.

Within this scope, personal data that will be processed are:

  • Data Shared While Connecting to the Internet: Consists of the personal data that Users have shared of their own will, ahead of or during the use of the Website. Those type of data contains all personal data that were shared with the Website. For instance, Users’ names, contact information, social media profiles fall under this category of data.
  • Data Gathered In the Use of the Website: That contains the Website’s computation of usage data carried out through several technological tools such as Cookies and Heatmap systems. For instance, interests of Users and usage data of websites fall under this category of data.

3. Processable Data Without an Express Consent:

Nesava Store may use your personal data upon your approval to fulfill your demand or facilitate the proceedings. Nevertheless, in accordance with the applicable legislation, if any of these conditions listed below are present then personal data can be processed without the consent of User:

  • If personal data of parties to a contract need to be processed, provided that the need is directly related to formation of exercise of the contract,
  • If the process of personal data is compulsory for establishment, performance or protection of rights,
  • If the personal data have already been revealed to the public by the User,
  • If the process of personal data is compulsory for the legitimate interests of the data supervisor, on the condition that this process shall not harm the fundamental rights and freedoms of User
  • If it is forthrightly prescribed by the law.

4. Scope of the Involved Third Parties

Third parties which your data may be shared are consisted of:

  • Persons and legal entities that are entitled to receive personal data according to Electronic Communication Law (law no. 5809) and relevant legislation,
  • Persons and legal entities that Nesava Store receives service, co-operate with, Nesava Store’s present and future program partners and other third parties.

5. Rights of the User

Under Article 11 of Privacy Act you are entitled to rights:

  • To know whether your personal data are being processed or not,
  • To request related information if your personal data are being processed,
  • To know the purpose of why your data is being processed and to know whether your personal data are properly used for given purpose,
  • To know the foreign or domestic third parties that your personal data are being transferred,
  • To request the correction of your personal data if they are processed deficiently or incorrectly,
  • To request the deletion or anonymization of your personal data under Article 7 of Privacy Act, if the reasons for processing are ceased to exist and there are no other prohibitions to do so,
  • To request to be notified about the third parties which your personal data is shared,
  • To claim damages if one incurs a loss because of the illegal process of its personal data.

6. Banking Data:

Your Banking Datas will be processed by POS service provider such as Stripe, Iyzico. We do not hold or process your Banking Datas like credit cards, bank accounts etc.

7. Other:

  • Your personal data is stored in the servers that Website uses or owns in the local territories or abroad.
  • For the time that Nesava Store is acting as the data supervisor, storage time of the personal data is three years
  • Website will perform the ordinary care with regards to storage of the personal data as required technical and technological standards.
  • Website may amend the Privacy Policy at any time. Amendments will come into force at the time that they are published.